Friday, October 7, 2011

Want to lose weight? Don't diet, and never use the word....

     If your reading this chances are based on the title you think I am nuts, or maybe you were just curious. Like many of you I myself have attempted many diets, and like many of you know what happened next. Especially, if you are carrying some, all, or more of the weight that was lost while on your diet. Normally when a person says that they are going on a diet they are referring to a temporary change of eating to lose the weight. In many cases, when the weight is gone then the diet goes out the window along with it. Notice I said most people vs. all.... There are many people that continue the diet which for them it becomes a lifestyle change. I don't know many people that diet to lose weight, and are excited about gaining it back. Ask any yo-yo dieter if they enough regaining any of the pounds that they lost, and I am pretty sure the answer would be no. If you want to lose weight and keep it off DO NOT DIET!!!!  Instead make lifestyle changes, and if you know that you can't give up all the trash that you are eating now then don't attempt too. Take it slow because every small change that you make now will have big results in your life later. The S.A.D (Standard American Diet) is comprised of a lot of not so healthy choices. The serving sizes are hug, greasy, and loaded with refined sugars. My personal decision was to become a Vegetarian, and I am not trying to convince you to do the same. However, I would suggest rethinking about how you load your plate. How hard would it be to make your veggies the main item, grains next, and meat into a 2-4 oz serving size. If you get hungry for a snack while out of the home don't grab the candy bare or chips instead grab a piece of fruit, dried fruit or nuts. Now, while you are taking steps to a new you just remember not to use the word diet, but scream and shout LIFESTYLE CHANGES!!!!

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