Saturday, October 1, 2011

Juice Feasting & Fruit Smashing....Day 1

Today wasn't hard at all, but I also did not expect it to be. Hmmmm.....which makes me think. Can we control our hunger by our thoughts? This morning I made enough juice to last me for breakfast and lunch. Heading to my son's soccer practice I drank one half, and placed the other 2 cups in a mason jar and stored it in the cooler. The serving that was stored in the mason jar was a delicious as the first sip right out of the juicer. After practice we made a stop the Farmers Market in Lake Mary, and I purchased some Green Chai Tea, Quinoa, and peaches. I was really hoping that they had spinach and kale, but none was in site. I guess the early bird truly gets the worm. I also had the chance to stop at Pell's Citrus & Nursery to buy a bushel of white & red navel oranges. The last stop before home was Publix for spinach, milk (for the kids), bread, and bananas, detergent (Tide was on sale), and I forgot the other item. When I arrived I felt kinda of tired, took my Princess to the potty what seemed like a million times, put her to bed, and crashed on the couch as X was playing games on my laptop. Over an hour must have gone by before I work up and realized that it was also his bedtime. After being up for a short period time, I realized that my tongue is slightly coated and I just don't feel well. No Good!!!!! I have no appetite, and have not eaten anything since a banana late this afternoon. Oh, and did I mention that pain on my left side is back. Geez!!!!! Well, right now I am gonna enjoy a glass of Green Chai Tea with honey while watching "Forks over knives". Has anyone realized that the knife is actually a scalpel in the movie. Now how cool is that......

“Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases.”~Hippocrates

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  1. Knowing that I need to eat something to keep my fire ignited I cut a few oranges and added some grapes to the mix. Yummy!!!! I will add the picture to the post.