Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, but are YOU worth it?

Is your New Year Resolution to lose weight, feel more radiant, or just simply remove some of the toxic foods from your normal eating habits?

 After doing and loving the outcome from my 60 days of Raw back in August I decided that I would go strictly raw every month for a few days. However, to welcome 2012 and continue onto the road of natural health I have decided to "Go Raw" for 30 days on Jan 1st. If you want to join me than please let me know. I know that many of us have struggled with losing weight and regaining our health, and many of the fad diet plans work temporary. However, with fad diets you mind as well make a welcome home sign for when the fat comes back. The only diet plan that I would honestly recommend for someone that want to learn how to eat is Weight Watchers because of everything that I have tried that was the only plan that taught me how to eat vs. just telling me what to eat. That is if you want to dish out $40 bucks a month which is money that can be used at your local farmers market or produce store. It could also be because I had a great leader as well. If your like me you have attempted every other quick fix weight-loss plan so why not give Raw a try.....Stick with me during these 30 days, and experience what eating living foods can do for your body and mind. Giving Raw a try back in August was simply the best thing that I have EVER done for my health, and the other prize was me losing almost 40 lbs that til this day I haven't regained. So if you feel that your health is worth it, if staying around long enough to see your children or grandchildren as adults is worth it, or self-worth is worth it then give Raw your everything for 30 days. I could have kept my success to myself, but I know that their is another person out there that feels like nothing works and just wants to give up. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I KNOW THAT FEELING!!!! Oh, and have you noticed that I am not trying sell you something?

 Let 2012 be the last time you lie to yourself about getting healthier, and losing weight. THE ONLY THING  YOU GOT TO LOSE IS THE WEIGHT!!!!

Love, peace, and better health....
Dolicia M. 

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