Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fad diets....

Fad diets is something that many of you are way to familiar with. If you have tried Atkins, South Beach, HCG Shots, magical weight loss shakes, prepackage meal plans, pills (prescription/non-subscription), or any  other diet than like myself you are very familiar with fad diets. All of these diets promise quick weight-loss, but they lack the education of nutrition. When I say this I am not just speaking of informing us not to eat more than a certain amount of calories, or drink an artificial sweetener vs. a natural sweetener. I don't know about you, but when I take the time to quickly lose weight  I am equally disappointed when it magically appears again. There is nothing about re-gaining all the weight that screams happy person.

In my opinion if  you want to truly be happy, and lose weight for good I suggest that you lose it naturally. We didn't put on the weight overnight, so why do we expect it to disappear overnight? In July I set the date of August 1st to do Raw Vegan for 60 days. During this time-frame I lost about 35-40 pounds, and even after adding healthy cooked foods back since the end of the 60 days I have not gained any of the weight back. This is huge for me because previously on any of the fad diets once I hit a 10-15 pound lost the weight returned while I was sticking to the program. Living life without meat, eggs, dairy, or cheese has literally changed my life for good. I still juice or make a smoothie from fresh fruits and veggies once or twice a day because I love them. The movies that help change my life by shedding a closer light on the food that we eat were "Fat, sick, and nearly dead"," Forks over knives", "Food Matters", "The Gerson Theory", "The beautiful truth", "Food inc", and others that referenced the quality of our food. Another thing that helped me was to learn about the type of foods to eat for  my blood-type by looking up information on "The blood type diet".  Before I would listen to people and eat how they suggested, and today I listen to my body instead and watch the transformation along the way. I love my new eating lifestyle, and I love the weight-loss that I have, and will continue achieve.

The assumption is that Vegans don't get enough protein from their plant based lifestyles. People are so WRONG!!!!!

Peace, Love, and health
Dolicia M. 

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