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Salon/Spa workers, Massage Therapists, Estheticians and others in the field of health and wellness know and understand that people want to look and feel great. This weekend I went into several salons asked if they do body wraps. Many of them were small, so I knew the answer was no. For many years body wraps have been a popular thing to do for people that want to get their sexy back and many people in the beauty and health fields would love to offer the service because body wrapping is a great service to offer existing clients and a great way to bring new customers into you salon/spa that normally wouldn't come for any other services.Yes body wraps are great, but the over head cost can get be very pricey. That's not even including that most states requires an Esthetician or massage therapist license to perform treatments which cost time and money.  Another thing to note is many men and women would love to do a body wrap, but the average cost of a body wrap session can range from $90-300, and it is a very time consuming process.

So what is the investment to get started in the body wrapping business and what's needed? The initial investment to get started in the body wrap spa service can range from $1000 to over $10,000.  This ultimately depends on the business owners objectives, space, equipment, supplies, and proper hands-on education and training. Most technicians will measure and wrap their clients while they are standing, but a table is recommended for dry skin brushing and applying the slenderizing anti-cellulite gel. Once the client is wrapped the tech will need a place for them to sit to stay warm in the wraps for 1 hour, and this typically  means having them sit in a sauna or a sauna suit, walk on a treadmill, stand on a vibration machine or relax with a magazine while drinking a nice warm cup of herbal tea. Whew!!! Now I understand why a session can range from $90-300.

Now let me ask you this....Would you love to offer body wrapping as an add on service to your current business with an minimum investment? Imagine a customer coming into your establishment for a service, they see that you offer a new service that will tighten, tone, and firm site specific areas within 45 minutes, and request to add this service. Now picture yourself taking less than 5 minutes to measure, take a before photo,and wrap the client. Yes it's that simple, and after you have wrapped them you can continue performing the service that they originally came into your establishment to have done. When you are done with your client you can remove the wrap, re-measure,  take a after photo, and send them home happier. Some clients may prefer to remove their wrap later, and this can be done as well. Anybody, in your establishment can wrap clients as it does not require any state certification.
Now at this point your asking how can this be done.....If you have heard of It Works! Global than you have heard of the Ultimate Body Applicator. Many salons, spas, massage therapist, and more have added this add-on service to their business and have watched their profits increase. Wouldn't you love to do the same, and make residual income as well?

How does a Salon Set up this business for SUCCESS?

I wrapped EVERYONE that walked in my door as an add on service. I retailed the wraps, facials, fat fighters, defining gel and greens from my shelf. I let anyone working there wrap. Receptionist, Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Stylists whomever. I had blitz cards, loyal customer forms and catalogs on each styling station. Customers would purchase off the shelf because they wanted more wraps right then, BUT they would also enroll as loyal customers to save money. My staff would wrap their clients before their service and once the service was finished the wrap was ready to come off and we showed them their results. IT IS ALL WE TALKED ABOUT. I had people coming in just to wrap that had never before graced our door. I had a banner right inside the front door, almost had to climb over it to get inside…that caught their attention. If it did not it was the job of the staff to TELL PEOPLE and say LET ME WRAP YOU. I enrolled a few staff as distributors and they were able to use their own stock and collect the fee for wrapping their clients however if the client wanted to purchase off the shelf they purchased my stock. If a stylist wrapped a client and they were not a DT I gave them 5 bucks for every wrap they did. 5 bucks cash on the spot. I had a girl make $65 bucks in a day just from wrapping her clients. I did not let my staff purchase product off my shelves for personal use. They enrolled as loyal customers. It was such a huge hit.
We had at least one party a week for the first month…inviting clients and anyone else that wanted to come. I kept it so simple. Only water. Did the Fat Fighter demo, sampled Greens, Talked about the Defining Gel and Facials. Collected names and emails and did 4 drawings for wrap parties. Announcing that the HOST/WINNER would receive a free wrap. I had people begging me to host parties with their friends. EVERYONE in my salon was on board. They all tried the product, saw the results and couldn’t wait to share our new “FIND” Instant results, great price, easy and mess free. Clients were so excited to get results without having to spend and hour naked in a room! lol
Once the Salon see’s the huge income potential they want to work ALL aspects of the business as NOT to leave any money on the table. Their staff will see the increased income and want to join in and enroll as distributors themselves. I have never found a product in all my years as a Salon owner impact my revenue like this did. I challenge all of you to connect with the Salon you do business with and tell them about this income possibility. If they say NO, ask them if YOU can host a party with their staff and clients to SHOW THEM what this product will do for their overall business. Give them $5. for every client you wrap as a THANK YOU for letting you introduce this Worlds First to Market product. There is NOTHING like it in the world. Hope this helps!

Madra Meystedt Jones
It Works Global
Skinny Wrap Girls

This is your opportunity, your chance to get started at a very low upfront cost! 
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Below is my before and after photos after doing 3 body wraps, and I am a WRAP ADDICT! Not to mention that my confidence has increased as well.
To see more before and after photos visit my Facebook page It Works Global-The Dolicious Weight Story
My belly before and after 3 wraps
My belly before and after 3 wraps

Are you still wondering how this CRAZY WRAP THING work?

Peace, love, health, and skinny wraps!!!!
Dolicia Meregildo

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