Friday, November 23, 2012

Temple cleaning time.....

So, one day last week I woke to a few pimples on my face which is something I haven’t had in some time now and I owe it all to indulgence.  I have been wrapping and at the same time enjoying junk foods like Oreos, chips, fried foods, and etc. Thank goodness that these CRAZY WRAP THINGS! have maintained my belly from growing. LOL! However, when those pimples appeared the first thing I thought was after Thanksgiving it’s time for some temple cleaning which is long overdue because I haven’t detoxed in a long time and my skin is telling on me. At least it seems that way and what better time to do so than after Thanksgiving.  Like so many other things it’s easier when you have somebody joining you. My friend/Zumba instructor loved her results after doing a 3 day detox so much I figured why not have her join me in this venture. Hopefully, it will help her to fight off whatever sickness she is experiencing right now as well. Must I say that this girl is a solider because we are not doing 3 days people. Nope, we are doing 7 days of raw foods… Maybe the next cleanse will be after New Years for a real fresh start.  So, what will the 7 days include?

7 days of Detox

Drink lots of alkaline and distilled water
Eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables
Drink fresh raw juices and smoothies
Drinking daily serving of  “Greens” by It Works
Eat raw hemp seeds, nuts, and seeds
Wrap stomach using the Skinny Wrap (Ultimate Body Applicator)
Pack Willpower, focus, and mental strength.....

Love, peace, and optimum health....

Thank you,
Dolicia M. a.k.a Naturally Dolicious

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