Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am so glad that I went to conference this year because to be with a company that focuses on the health, wealth, and freedom of their people is simply amazing. Before I joined the It Works! Global family I was so skeptical and did so much research because I am a strong believer of living a healthy lifestyle. I told Missi Cintron a few times that I wasn't interested, and allowed her to tag my FB pages with before and after photos of wrap results. I was watching, googling, and researching the products because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Finally, I saw Missi in person at a babyshower and I don't know if your aware, but you can't photoshop a human body that is standing right in front of you. Needless to say I joined the family!!! This weekend I heard more stories from people that health and financial lives were changed/saved because of It Works!. We are more than just a box of Skinny Wraps. We have Dr. Don that is an actually M.D unlike other doctors with other companies, and he strongly believes that your health is your ultimate wealth, and he also believes in the holistic approach to healing. Treat the cause vs. patching the symptoms. Not to mention our amazing upline. OMG!!!! I have done MLM's before, but there is NO OTHER company like It Works! Global. Then they announced the return of the G.O.O.D (Get out of debt) bonus, and in addition to that they added the High Five bonus. If you have tried other companies and had no success, or maybe you have never tried MLM (Multiple levels of money) before. Either way join my team for the promotional price of $99, we will lead you too success, and it will be the best $99 that you have ever spent guaranteed. 
Speaking of guarantee another incentive that was added is the $500 guarantee. Can your current employer Network Marketing or not provide you with any of this....Mine won't!! I haven't seen a raise in years at Sprint, but It Works! Global gives me one monthly.
I had to share this with you because I feel less of a person if I hold on to something so great and don't share this gem with others.
 Message me for more info or join our family today at the promotional price of $99. I will change your life 
Missi, CEO Mark Pentecost, Me, and Jennifer

Testimonies from Real people and how It Works! Global has changed their lives..

Peace, love, health, and Freedom,
Dolicia Meregildo

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