Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today's Weight Watchers Meeting

This morning I woke up with alot of confidence because I knew that I had lost more weight this week. I was just excited to attend the meeting and have someone tell me how much. So, I arrived to the meeting stepped on the scale, and not only did I lose 2 lbs, but I also reached 5% goal. When you reach 5% everyone celebrates with you. The leader gives you a bell to ring, a red carpet to walk down, and you have to sign a board under 5% goal. 5% doesn't sound like alot, but when you keep adding them up eventually you will look and feel like a brand new person. I continued my celebration when I got home, by walking 2.4 miles roundtrip to the grocery store vs. driving. I must say pushing a huge stroller and walking in those Sketchers tone-ups did not make the journey a breeze. When I got back home my butt and legs were already feeling the effects of my walk. Well, my next goal to reach is 10% so wish me well.

Do you use visualization to help you achieve your goals? If so, how do you visualize your success? Mine is so beautiful!

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