Monday, February 21, 2011

The beginning of my Dolicious weight story...

I decided to do this blog because I am an individual that lives a healthy lifestyle, however my biggest struggle is my weight. I know that I am not the only person that feels this way. As long as I can remember I have struggled in my mind with how much different my body was from the other girls in my neighborhood and family. Now, you read that and my think that I was the fat kid, but I wasn’t fat as a child at all. I was thick and skinny if that makes any since at all. I realized that what made me different from some of the other girls was my hour glass shape that was filled out in certain areas. You know what I mean without me saying it! When I think about foods that were served to me as a child I remember home cooked meals, fruits, and vegetables that were grown in the backyard. That was the good life….Then the teenage years came, I had money and was able to walk to the store and buy my own food which thinking back I was eating a serious amount of trash. Lucky for me I was able to keep things a bay because I walked almost everywhere, but moving to Florida changed that. I was no longer walking just about any and everywhere as I did in Chicago. I continued to eat the trash, and like a garbage bag in no time I begin to fill. That’s when I really start feeling like a trash bag whose trash begin to start hanging out because there was no more space. I was out of space and needed to begin to learn how to empty the trash. The first start of things was to kill the pork, but the only real reason truly gave it up was because I had gotten really sick from it after not eating it for a month to do a thyroid test. Then I got curious about why pork was the only meat that made me physically ill. If you want to know the answer Google it because I am not hear to tell you not to eat certain meats anymore.

Fast forward to my first pregnancy…That is when my life with food really start to change. OMG!!! I went from the junk life to the healthy pregnant chick that went to the gym or walked everyday even when the contractions were hitting every 10 mins. LOL! I felt the need to eat healthy because I knew that I was responsible for nurturing the baby that was going inside me. After having my son I hoped back into working out, and the baby weight was coming off. Then it slowly start coming back after three months, then I discovered later I that experienced heart failure. Every since my life has changed and losing weight has been a up-hill battle. I swear I have dappled in many things, but on Jan 22nd I decided to attend a Weight Watchers meeting to see how the new Points Plus program works. I swear it is so much better than the old program, and so far I am seeing the fruits of my labor. I am able to live a normal life by making smarter decisions vs. restricting the things I enjoy. I weighed in yesterday, and the previous night I could feel that I was retaining fluids in my feet and legs. Even with retaining fluid I have lost a total of 8.8lbs, but I weighed myself naked this morning and it was a bit over 10lbs. I am in this for the long haul, and I can’t wait to reach my target goal of 120lbs. I have selected 120lbs as my goal weight primarily for the health of my heart. So I hope that many of you continue to follow me through my journey to 120...

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A. Edison

Mother, survivor, and weight-loss struggler
Dolicia M.


  1. I will be on this journey with you! Just not running.... LOL :)

  2. Kelley we can and will do this. Oh, and I won't be running either..