Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 4 of Going Raw Phase 2

Day 4 of Going Raw, and we had a pretty cool gloomy as it is going to snow type of day....What I didn't mention is that I love when the temperatures is not scorching hot, and cool enough to enjoy outdoor outside activities for hours. LOL!!! Well today I did pretty good, but I wasn't prepared for lunch. We were at the mall and my inner hunger bitch was quickly approaching, and she only appears when I need food. So, the only place that's has raw food that I normally enjoy is Hovans, but today I wanted something warm and cooked so I went to iSpice which is a Indian restaurant in the food court that sell a variety of vegan food. Yayyyyyy!!!!!!! I purchased the Curried mixed vegetables, and it was delicious.

Curried mixed vegetables from iSpice in Altamonte Springs Mall

Yes, I cheated on Raw foods with cooked foods, but this is not the end of my 20 days of Going Raw. I strongly believe that when you cheat on your food challenge you MUST get back on track with the next meal. I made the choice to eat cooked today, and I did not beat myself over the head about it because I had already said in my mind that this is what I want right now, this is the last time I will have cooked food during this phase of going Raw, and the next meal and thereafter will be RAW. So your probably thinking if I cheated on my challenge I would keep it to myself and not tell anyone. I felt the need to share this on my blog because anyone that follows a diet/food choice challenge need to understand that when you get off track of your plan don't waste time beating yourself up. Instead hop back on your plan and finish it STRONG!!!!!

Today's focus at the mall was strictly for the children because when it comes to clothes they were not prepared for this cooler weather, but they were prepared for any possible flooding. While there we also stopped in Borders and of course I went straight to the Vegetarian section before taking the kids to the kids section.  I know Lindsay Nixon only via FB and she is always posting some tasty sounding recipes so naturally I picked up her book  The Happy Herbivore. I must say that there was not one page that I viewed that I did not say "Wow!!! I have to try that!". I also love that many of her recipes are for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores (meat eaters) as well without containing any meat. I did not purchase the book from the store, but have decided to order it from Amazon instead. So if your new to the vegetarian lifestyle, looking to try something to new, or searching for healthier recipes for the brownies and other baked goods I highly recommend purchasing her book The Happy Herbivore.

"Don't let the low times get you down. Learn from them and reach for the high times."~D. Wiemers

Wishing you all peace, love, and much success!!!!
Dolicia M.

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  1. aw thanks for the review of my book! would you mind leaving a review on amazon as well? I'd really appreciate it! thanks! enjoy!