Saturday, July 30, 2011

Setback is the first word that came to mind....

      If there is one thing that I can say about my weight story is that it is again on a roller coaster. I gained all the weight back that I lost within a few weeks while still eating healthy and exercising. **Blank Stare** I mentioned it to my nurse at my cardiologist office that is like an Angel to me, and she told me to make an appointment A.S.A.P. Well thankfully I did because I found out that my heart was on a decline, and I developed another problem that has never been present before. Visit my other blog to learn more

      I was already planning to do a raw diet for a few days like I normally do, but it has been made clear to me that I need to get all of the excess weight off my heart, so for a jump start to my extended life I am going Raw/Juicing for the next 60 days or more. My goal weight before was 130-150, but I am now hoping to get down to 110-115 lbs. Obviously, I don't expect to reach this goal in 60 days, but hopefully over the course of a year. The only challenge is the intensity that I can exercise from this point on. I can no longer go into the girl, and put in an extremely intense hour like I was doing only 2 weeks ago. The gym is where I enjoy spending my personal time and for me that's my get away from it all place. I almost feel as I am being robed, but this too shall past and before I know it I will be able to resume my activity levels again. Wow!!!! I guess trying the spinning class is out of the question now too. LOL! Geez!!! Well on a positive note at least I am still able to express my feeling with whomever chooses to read this. Although, I really blog for myself, but I understand how my words can effect someone's life so I share my thoughts and feeling with you all as well.

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it
and whispers, 'Grow, grow.' ~
The Talmud

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