Saturday, March 10, 2012

Primarily Raw until I reach......

Like most people you guys probably think that I have lost my mind again, but I love you humans too. On Thursday I thought about how my skin was slowly repairing, how I was feeling blotted, and not so vibrant at the moment. Then I thought about when I was RAW, and how I felt during that time. That was the moment that I knew I should go RAW for several reasons which were to feel that high of vibrancy, watch my skin clear & glow more, and to get closer to my weight loss goal which is in the range of 110-120 lbs. Right now my home scale is toggling between 165-170, so as you see I have some work to do. Normally, when someone ask and I share my goal weight they often say that is too small, but keep in mind that my main focus for wanting that range is simply my for my heart health. Normally I set a number of days to go strictly RAW, but this time I decided to go primarily vs. strictly RAW til I have achieved a 40 lb weight loss. How long that will take is something I am unsure of, but for me that is a way to get closer to my goal. Now I know that most people don't understand what it's like to go primarily or strictly RAW, and if I were to explain it you will never understand until you have experienced it for yourself. I will still continue using "My Fitness Pal" to ensure that I am getting at least 1500 calories per day. When I think back to August 2011 when I did my 60 days of RAW I realize how I lost the weight without exercising consistently, but this time is different because my husband is not in another country for starter so I have a set schedule that I can stick with. It's also different because not only am I attending the gym on a regular, but I have also picked up Yoga/Pilates, Body Works plus Abs, and my favorite of them all Zumba. OMG!!!! Our Zumba instructor kicks our ass every class, but she is great and packed with energy. The energy that she brings to the class makes me want to push harder to at least try to keep up with her speed, and yes challenge myself to go further as well. Yes, I am one of those people that competes with self vs. others.  I have me to prove something too!!!! Well, I can write all night, but this human has to rest too. Oh, and I can't wait to visit my favorite place Wheat Berry Bread Cafe & Raw Juice Bar tomorrow to get a RAW juice, elixir, or RAW pizza tomorrow. I love that place!!!!

"In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves? self-discipline with all of them came first."~ Harry S. Truman 

Love, peace, and optimum health.....
Naturally Dolicious,

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