Sunday, January 29, 2012

Strawberry & Citrus salad

For dinner I wasn't very hungry, so I ate something simple and delicious.....Yes, a salad!

Very simple to make too....
Ingredients: Spring mix salad, limes, strawberries, cilantro, ground peppercorns (black pepper can be used as well), red onions, tomato.

Add spring mix salad into a bowl, and top with strawberries. (Cucumbers can also be added, but I wasn't in the mode for them tonight)

Slice the red onion, dice some tomato, and add to a small bowl

Squeeze the juice from the lime/s over the onion & tomato mixture, add black salt (sea salt will do), peppercorns, agave nectar, and stir together with a spoon or fork.

Spoon the dressing onto the salad, eat, and enjoy.


How to create a full meal

.....Add black beans/chick peas/black eye peas to the salad, and toss on a bed of brown rice/quinoa.

Sorry I don't measure anything so just make to your taste.

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